Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Mikey’s is an unassuming easy going burger joint located at 134 Ludlow Street in New York City.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This little hole-in-the-wall restaurant is a great stop on ANY night out!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

They have a great selection of glass bottled sodas…AND…if you want to bring your own beer or other beverage of sorts, they are more than happy to let you; in fact, they will go so far as to direct you to the nearest corner store.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The thing that I really enjoyed about this restaurant is that THEY KNOW that they are a hole-in-the-wall. Instead of fighting it, they seem to celebrate it…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Fish Burger

They celebrate this style when it comes to white washed exposed brick, hanging wire decor…and PRICE!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Lamb Burger. Satay style, onions, jalapenos and mint.

On an opposing note, while their food is inexpensive, it does not have that traditional hole-in-the-wall feel. Rather, it seems as though they have taken the traditional burger elements, that you may find at a barbecue, and put them together WITH A TWIST giving them a touch of gourmet.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

French Fries

Really, ENJOY!


2 thoughts on “Mikey’s

    • Thank you! It was WAY more delicious than I would have expected :). Franklin had remembered Mikey’s after stumbling upon it months ago…so, when we were looking for a late meal we had to find it. I’m so glad we did! You’ll have to try it!


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