Fit Into Your Dress

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Buying a wedding dress is an extremely unique process. Aside from all of the work that you put into the dress, there is the work that you have to put into yourself.

This dress you are buying months in advance. MONTHS. AND…you will be the center of attention in it. Not like any other event. This time, you could be wearing a white comforter and you’d still have all eyes on you.

SO…needless to say, you want to look your best. You want to fit perfectly in that dress…

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Well, when you buy that dress months in advance, it is fair to say that your body will change to some degree from the time of purchase to when you will actually be wearing it. Yes, that’s what tailoring is for. BUT there is only so much tailoring and there is still that thing you are fighting: time.

Here is a LAST MINUTE TRICKPhoto Credit: Michelle Williams

Both SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES add weight to you. So if you are looking to slim down quickly cut out any bread, pasta, rice…really anything starchy…AND…anything with sugar, like cookies, juice, fruit, and so on. This is a very difficult diet to stick to. I don’t recommend keeping to it after your big day because you require those nutrients that you are cutting out on a regular basis.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

On an opposing note…if you are looking to gain weight, try adding those carbohydrates back in. Still don’t add too much sugar back into your diet because that may cause some breakouts on your skin…that is the last thing you want to be worried about on your big day.

And always, drink lots of water! This will make your skin look radiant AND keep you healthy!

PS. GROOMS…this will definitely work for you too. Fit into your tux!

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (





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