Mother’s Dress

It has been spoofed numerous times AND actually happens…

You may think that you don’t care…but you will. SO plan a shopping day! Go out with your mother and find that “perfect gown”.

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography ( My Mother is the one on the far left.

NOW…when she just happens to spot “the perfect dress” when she is randomly out before your shopping day and buys it on the spot because it is on sale, you reserve the right to say “no” to the dress :).

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Perhaps you hate the dress OR it’s just not appropriate for the occasion. EITHER WAY, go with the “it’s just not right for the occasion.” There is no need to crush any feelings. REMEMBER she bought the dress because she was SO EXCITED about your wedding that she couldn’t help but to think about while she was out for a walk and blindly ended up in a department store. She is not doing it to frustrate you—unfortunately, if she is, and I’ve heard stories, then my approach will just kill her with kindness ;)…so stick with it!

Photo Credit: FS Photography (

Photo Credit: FS Photography ( My mother is on the right and my grandmother is on the left.

At the end of the day, this is YOUR celebration, you and your husband’s. So, don’t worry about crushed feelings or saying “no” to people you care about. As long as you do it with genuine kindness and concern for their feelings, they are going to understand and support your decisions. Done and done.

Thank you mom for suggesting that I write this post.



2 thoughts on “Mother’s Dress

  1. You are welcome. I am glad you understood me and my limitations, albiet well intentioned, when it came to fashion selection, and I thank you for the kindness with which you broached the subject with me. I hope your readers and their mothers benefit from this tactful wedding tip! Mom


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