Shopping Buddy

It takes two…

Photo Credit: Kris Kim

Thank you Aliana and Kris for an AWESOME ladies shopping day!

At least ;).

Shopping is fun and exciting; It’s a way to reinvent yourself OR to just add to the perfection that is you.

BUT it is  way more fun to do with friends. Aside from the Starbucks breaks and morning mimosas, shopping with a friend or two gets you better results! That is to say if you have honest friends. The idea here is to go out with people who will see you step out of a fitting room and tell you they like it or that you can find better without being afraid that you are going to get upset at them. OH, and don’t get upset at your friends for being honest with you. If you LOVE a top that your friend doesn’t care for, buy it love it, that’s what matters above all else. It is your personal style after all.

Photo Credit: Franklin Williams

Yummy lunch at Luke's Lobster

When you have friends with you, it takes away from the stress of finding that “perfect item”…OH…and that horrible self criticism. Instead, you are able to give each other real feedback. Just think of any chick flick-y dressing room montage scene…They go quickly, but what you are seeing is PURE FUN! And that is what the day is all about!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Isabel's awesome sunglasses. Great accessory!

Well, pure fun and AWESOME accessories 😉 .


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