Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Since I started my blog, I have struggled to no end on how to write this post. The issue being that I LOVE Starbucks so much, that I wanted to make sure that this review did them justice.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

You see, when I was right out of grad school in an extremely rough economy, I decided to use Starbucks as my home office for my freelance work. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time there. It became my home away from home.

Last week, as I watched my “Happy Friday” Venti Skim Unsweetened Green Tea Latte collapse and spill all over me, I knew exactly what to say. Their drinks are FANTASTIC! Ha! And that’s what keeps me consistently going back…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

As I have been figuring out what to write for so long, I have collected quite a few photos to chose from. This is one of my grande skim green tea lattes. Mmmmm.

It’s the coffee house environment, the artistic ambiance, and the various types of people that frequent their numerous locations, that keep me going back. I am ALWAYS looking forward to taking a seat with a friend to simply chat over teas. Starbucks is just such a wonderfully inviting establishment.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Take a little home with you!

Again, it’s about the people. You see, I wasn’t the only one who watched my latte collapse down upon me in slow motion last week. Before I had the chance to pick up my saddened  green tea coated venti cup off of the floor, five people abandoned their bags and computers and jumped up to my rescue. Immediately, newspapers covered the ground like a tarp, napkins piled up, people were crouched and wiping the floor, all the while making sure that I was OK.

Side note: Beyond being a bit soaked, I was absolutely fine. AND, I smelled delicious ;). Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

By the time a worker came with a mop, we had cleaned up the entire spill. It was incredible. One person handed me a brand new Venti Skim Unsweetend Green Tea Latte that the barista remembered and recreated upon seeing the incident.

IN THAT MOMENT, I knew how wonderful Starbucks was. I had fully intended to go buy my drink AGAIN. That’s how delicious it is. BUT the idea here is that I didn’t have to. The standard at this establishment was to keep their customers happy above all else. That small gesture will continue to keep me going back.

A VERY special “thank you” to that extremely sweet group of people who helped me…AND…to the barista for putting a smile on my face in what could have easily been a horrible moment.  You all truly brightened my day by illustrating immediate comraderie and pure kindness. Again, THANK YOU all!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

These were the exact cards that we put in our gifts/escort cards at our wedding. We were so excited to see that they were displayed and taking over all of the card slots.

Insider’s Tip: Put some money on a Starbucks card and register it. Keep reloading and using that card. You will quickly earn thirty stars and become a gold level member! Once here, you will get a “free drink card” in the mail after every time you purchase fifteen drinks. AWESOME!


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