EJ’s Luncheonette

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsWhile I am not a huge fan of diners, this one is FANTASTICPhoto Credit: Michelle WilliamsEvery weekend, since I can remember, when I have passed EJ’s Luncheonette it has had people waiting outside. This happens quite literally every weekend…in supremely hot weather, freezing cold, snow, rain…EVERY WEEKEND. It’s that good.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsIn any case, aside from the times when I have ordered take out, the last two times I have eaten food from EJ’s was with my aunt Phyllis. On those occasions, much like the one this past Tuesday, we each order one of their AWESOME salads.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Cobb Salad

While simple in concept the preparation and freshness is far above the standards of most diners.  Even the detail of the asymmetrical bowls give the salads a higher sense of sophistication. LOVE IT!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Granny Smith Apple Chopped Chicken Salad

On a last note…I MUST say that their tuna melt and their milkshakes are absolutely INCREDIBLE!


Insider’s Tip: EJ’s is a CASH ONLY establishment…so, make sure to stop at a bank or ATM on your way.



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