Angelo & Maxie’s

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsIf you like steakhouses, Angelo & Maxie’s is one to add to your list!Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsIt has that old school smoker’s jacket feel when it comes to decor while being low key and easy going when it comes to their patrons. Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsMy favorite part of the decor—aside from the extremely popular sports bar—is the open stone wall that exposes the kitchen. I LOVE the idea of watching chefs in action…it makes me feel like they are being extra cautious about cleanliness while also providing entertainment.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsBeyond the environment, the food is FANTASTIC!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams


Now, I don’t know much about steak, but I certainly know that moans and “mmmm”s mean “YUMMY“.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Grilled Double Cut Rack of Lamb with Mint Jelly

Ditto for the rack of lamb. I know this one was particularly good because I have never seen my husband so invested in his food. It was almost as though he was in a world of his own where nothing existed except this meat.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Broiled Herb-Crusted Salmon over Sautéed Vegetables

Now, I don’t know much about meat because I don’t eat it…BUT…fish, I do eat. This fish was delicious! It was soft, without being too soft, and crisp on the outside. It paired beautifully with its sauce…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Seared Halibut with Jumbo Lump Crab & Buerre Blanc served with Mashed Potatoes & Grilled Asparagus

I would go back for the halibut alone!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Matchstick Fries

Now, it is not worth going to a steakhouse unless you are going to eat some less “health conscious” sides.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Onion Strings

Mmmm…and these were particularly delicious and addicting. I nearly devoured all of the matchstick fries ON MY OWN!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams


Do not miss this one! It is particularly great for a guy’s night out! CHEERS!

PS. A very happy birthday to Meyer whose birthday we were celebrating at Angelo & Maxie’s.

Location: Park Ave South at 19th Street . (212) 220-9200




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