Romantic Chic

A soft, feminine, gorgeous look…

Wear this one out to brunch on a crisp Fall day!

It’s soft neutral tones meld together to form an effortlessly traditionally romantic chic look…try adding a bootie and a modern styled jacket to modernize your look.

Romantic Chic

Stolen Girlfriends Club cream dress, $119
Reiss sheer button up shirt, 110
Todd Lynn asymmetrical jacket, $1,175
River Island long chiffon skirt, 40
Brian Atwood platform boots, $845
Handbag, $68
Mathias Chaize gold plated jewelry, $220
American Apparel vintage style watch, $130
Dara Ettinger yellow gold earrings, $105
Bracelet, $16
D.S. Dundee Hessian Belt, $50
Buy OPI Nail Lacquer, I’m Suzi and I’m a Chocoholic Online at…, $8



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