Mike & Alexa’s Brooklyn Bowl Wedding

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I just LOVE these escort cards. They were SO cute and playful...much like the venue.

I recently went to Mike and Alexa’s EXTREMELY UNIQUE wedding…

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsIt was at a bowling alley…Brooklyn Bowl‘s very first wedding. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I had to share this one because the couple chose a venue with SUCH INCREDIBLE details.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The idea, for the couple, was to add slight flares to indicate the idea of a “wedding”…Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Like the planters that line the stage in the image above and the close up image of one in the image below.  Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

It was clear by the theme and location that the couple wanted their guests to share in the fun of their celebration…to the point where the open bar was available to guests before the ceremony so that they could bring a drink to enjoy as the couple made their promises to one another. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The unique nature of this wedding was not limited to the venue…Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Instead of table assignments, the escort cards led us to our respective bowling lanes. SO cute!Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

We all lined up for buffet styled food prepared through Brooklyn Bowl’s association with Blue Ribbon. We then carried our food to either colorful picnic styled tables or back to our lane.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

NOW, this part I LOVED…yes, I am a woman who loves my shoes BUT by no means does that mean that they are even remotely comfortable. SO, not only do I get to wear comfy flat shoes all night, but I was expected and encourage to…INCREDIBLE. Genius.Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Down to the wedding cake topper, it was evident that the couple had tons of fun. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The photo booth was the perfect detail for guests AND the venue…it encouraged guests to not only have fun but enabled them to cherish their memories from Mike and Alexa’s big day!

All of the little details gave their wedding such a light hearted, jovial, full of character feel. It just worked. Done and done.


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