Halloween From YOUR Closet

NOW, since I did it for the ladies…here it is for you guys…

Buying bagged costumes has never really made sense to me. Now, to be fair, I am not a huge Halloween buff, but when I do partake, I typically like to wear items that I would be either happy to wear again OR already own.

By the way, this ALWAYS makes for a more creative, interesting costume…which leads to winning prizes, great memories, and LOTS of compliments!

SO…here are a few ways to play with what you own.


Indiana Jones


Burberry, $235
Barneys New York Striped Two-Button Suit, $1,695
Forzieri Silver Plated Mat Round Cuff Links, $86
Black leather pointed shoes, 55
C2 by Calibrate Tie, $33
Be Goody Pencil Cigarette Hb, $2

Don Draper
I would LOVE to see the fantastic ideas you come up with!



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