Day To Night

I LOVE any look that is sophisticated in the day and not over done for the night…

A dark jean, a patterned shoe, grouping different textured bracelets—like braided metals with leather—and a simple blouse is MY FAVORITE way of achieving this look!


Day to Night



  1. Crystal jewelry, $15
  2. Balenciaga bracelet, €160
  3. Urban Outfitters pendant necklace, $19
  4. White Verve silver blouse, $175
  5. Sam Edelman stiletto heels, $210
  6. AG Adriano Goldschmied black jeans, $230
  7. 3 1 Phillip Lim leather belt, $295
  8. Peter Lang silver jewelry, $255
  9. Crystal bangle, $8
  10. Timex Watch


Doughnut Plant

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThe Doughnut Plant, a fantastic New York City treasure since 1991, recently opened up a new location in on 23rd street (between 7th and 8th avenues) in Chelsea.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsLocated right by a huge movie theater, this location simply cannot be beat! Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsI mean, who could pass up a GOURMET DOUGHNUT during a movie? Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsYes, yes! GOURMET doughnuts!Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThis is literally the epitome of gourmet for the gourmand.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThese are doughnuts for the upper crust…

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsWith flavors like creme brule, GREEN TEA, dulce de leche, and carrot cake…Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsTo the traditional fan favorite…jelly filled…Photo Credit: Michelle Williamsthese fancy treats are not to be missed!Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsSo, enjoy your treat AND take another for the road

Insider’s Tip: If you are going to the original Grand Street location, they are closed on Mondays and are open every other day from 6:30AM till whenever they run out of doughnuts (roughly 5PM – 7PM)


Breakfast Sandwich

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #1: Split your whole wheat English muffin in half and toast to your liking. Set aside on a piece of tin foil.

This breakfast sandwich recipe is so simple and SO worth it!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #2: Spray your pan with Pam butter. Fry two eggs making sure to break both of the yolks. ADD salt and pepper to your liking. NOTE: If you are taking this on the go, make sure that the eggs are extra dry so that you don't end up dripping yolk on yourself.

Every year, myself and a group of friends go on a weekend getaway where we drive up to Vermont for a snowboarding extravaganza…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #3: Fold your fried egg so that it fits nicely on top of the bottom half of your English muffin.

For most of the drive, everyone is so excited to get onto the mountain…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #4: Spray your pan with Pam butter and cook two to three pieces of turkey bacon in a pan for two minutes, then flip.

Now, I, I am sitting there sharing in the excitement…though—I must confess—my excitement is that glorious little breakfast sandwich shoved in a plastic bag wrapped up in tin foil!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #5: Let cook for another two minutes.

AND…it is only smart to wait an hour or so before eating it…an attempt at rationing out the trip’s food supply.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #6: Fold your strips of turkey bacon and lay them on top of your eggs.

The beauty of the wait is that all of the flavors meld into the bread. YES, it gets more and more delicious as you wait! GENIUS!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #7: OPTIONAL: You can add your favorite cheese here or under the eggs. I tend not to add cheese, but some can't fathom a breakfast sandwich without it.

So…whether you are on a road trip…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #8: Stack the top of your English muffin on the sandwich.

Simply, on the go…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Step #9: Wrap it up in the tin foil its been siting on and take it to go!

Or just want a yummy breakfast…this sandwich is the way to go!

THE Grocery List:

Serving Size: 1 Person

  1. Whole wheat English muffins ( x1 )
  2. Eggs ( x 2 )
  3. Turkey Bacon ( x 2 – 3 strips )
  4. Pam butter spray
  5. Salt
  6. Pepper


Kitchen Click and Buy Recommendations :


  • 8-Inch Omelet Pan

Coffee & Champagne

  • C&C Apron


  • Classic 2-Slice Toaster
  • Classic 4-Slice Toaster


  • Steel Lasagna Turner

Landmarc [ Dinner ]

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I LOVE and have loved the blend of French and Italian cuisine at Landmarc restaurant.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I have been going there for years…

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams
Braised Lamb Shank
 Brussels Sprouts & Bacon Celery Root Puree $31

While I love their dinner menu, their BRUNCH IS INCREDIBLE. I will go so far to say, that I will write an entirely separate post on the brunch alone.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams
Pan-Seared Salmon
 with Baby Winter Vegetables Truffle Vinaigrette $29

Back to the point…The food is savory and cooked to absolute perfection.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

French Fries

It is clear that this restaurant places an emphasis on their sauces. Each meal that came to our table was able to marinate and become more flavorful as we ate.

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsAt any time of day, don’t miss this treasure of a restaurant…it is one of MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITES!

To Note: Landmarc only takes reservations for parties of six or more. Typically, this isn’t an issue…but definitely something to note!


Landmarc [at the Time Warner Center]
10 Columbus Circle, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019
P 212.823.6123
Landmarc [TRIBECA]
179 West Broadway (between Leonard and Worth Streets)
New York, NY 10013
P 212.343.3883

NY Coco Moca

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Last night, on my way to a dinner out, I stumbled upon this really fun exhibit. It is a “Welcome back to New York” tribute to Conan O’Brein and is still open until the end of the day today November 3rd on the second floor of the Columbus Circle Mall.

If you can’t make it, it is definitely worth taking a glance at a few photos I took…SCAN ON! If you can make it, there is a lot more to be seen! ENJOY!

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The only commissioned piece in the entire exhibit.

— 😀 —

Earring Frame Rack

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

JEWELRY IS ART! So frame it…

In the past I have come up with a few different solutions to EARRING STORAGE.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This past weekend, I decided to try a new approach. I’m not sure that it is my favorite solution, but I surely like the idea of framing my art—jewelry.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsHere, the idea is that, I am making my own canvas that is stapled directly to the back of a wooden picture frame. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I like to start by taking a garment that I no longer wear—one that is a bit stiff so that the earrings don’t weigh it down—and tracing the outer edge of the picture frame onto it. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The next step is to cut out the traced area and using a regular stapler—flipped open—to tack down the material to the frame. To do this, staple one corner, then rotate the frame and staple the adjacent corner…continue to rotate after each staple so that the material is evenly stretched across the frame. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Trim your edges!

If you plan to hang your frame, attach a loop to the top center of your frame, not on the top two corners…the idea being that you will have easy access to the back for all of those studded earrings!Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsVOILA! Just pin in your earrings in whatever order suits you best…and there you have it…a JEWELRY AS ART presentation!