Earring Frame Rack

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

JEWELRY IS ART! So frame it…

In the past I have come up with a few different solutions to EARRING STORAGE.

Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

This past weekend, I decided to try a new approach. I’m not sure that it is my favorite solution, but I surely like the idea of framing my art—jewelry.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsHere, the idea is that, I am making my own canvas that is stapled directly to the back of a wooden picture frame. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

I like to start by taking a garment that I no longer wear—one that is a bit stiff so that the earrings don’t weigh it down—and tracing the outer edge of the picture frame onto it. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

The next step is to cut out the traced area and using a regular stapler—flipped open—to tack down the material to the frame. To do this, staple one corner, then rotate the frame and staple the adjacent corner…continue to rotate after each staple so that the material is evenly stretched across the frame. Photo Credit: Michelle Williams

Trim your edges!

If you plan to hang your frame, attach a loop to the top center of your frame, not on the top two corners…the idea being that you will have easy access to the back for all of those studded earrings!Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsVOILA! Just pin in your earrings in whatever order suits you best…and there you have it…a JEWELRY AS ART presentation!


3 thoughts on “Earring Frame Rack

  1. Earing frame rack is creative and ingenious. What a super idea !! It not only looks great but is a wonderful organizer. It looks like a work of art. Picasso couldnt have done better. I also loved the beartiful Richard Nicole pencile skirt. I Loved your Blog !!!!

  2. What a great idea! Jewelry IS art, so frame it! I love it, but I am a “crafts-lazy” person. Are they for sale on your website? Alison


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