Doughnut Plant

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThe Doughnut Plant, a fantastic New York City treasure since 1991, recently opened up a new location in on 23rd street (between 7th and 8th avenues) in Chelsea.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsLocated right by a huge movie theater, this location simply cannot be beat! Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsI mean, who could pass up a GOURMET DOUGHNUT during a movie? Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsYes, yes! GOURMET doughnuts!Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThis is literally the epitome of gourmet for the gourmand.Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsThese are doughnuts for the upper crust…

Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsWith flavors like creme brule, GREEN TEA, dulce de leche, and carrot cake…Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsTo the traditional fan favorite…jelly filled…Photo Credit: Michelle Williamsthese fancy treats are not to be missed!Photo Credit: Michelle WilliamsSo, enjoy your treat AND take another for the road

Insider’s Tip: If you are going to the original Grand Street location, they are closed on Mondays and are open every other day from 6:30AM till whenever they run out of doughnuts (roughly 5PM – 7PM)



One thought on “Doughnut Plant

  1. Kind of upset that you dedicated an entire post to my nemesis – the donut. I’ve never had to actively avoid donuts because I never seem to find places that make them well. These donuts, however, look amazing – like edible, designer sofa cushions. And I think they MUST be delicious because the proprietors had to use the original spelling, highlighting the key ingredient – dough. (Homer Simpson would also attest to the fact the key ingredient in a delicious doughnut is, indeed, doh!) Try as I might to avoid this place, it is now on my permanent ‘map of delicious confections’ alongside every cupcake shop, chocolaterie, and gelato bar that has found me. I think your next post should be about the joys of the neighborhood health club.


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