Coffee & Champagne is my way of breaking out of that “only child syndrome”…you know…the “it’s mine! Figure it out yourself” mentality. So…VOILA! Here are my mainstays; my tips and tricks (from experience)…if you will.

Perhaps you are curious about my blog title…well..If you know me, you know that I treat myself with coffee filled weekends and that when I “drink” I ONLY enjoy champagne. Well, one day, while sitting first class on the Eurorail, a cart was pushed up in front of me. The lady asked “coffee or champagne”…no…no I did not choose…”both” I responded. In that moment, I could not have been happier…ineffable amounts of joy! And there you go!

NOW…take a moment and imagine all of the free time I have on my hands after planning my wedding. Considering this…picture how many fun “how-to” projects I have eyeballed throughout this planning process. Ones I sadly didn’t have time to do. 😦 SO…last night I did one! My husband came home to me re-organizing our bookshelf for now the third time. I LOVE it!

So here is a little window into my life…my order from chaos…my place to share things that I like and have done!

I hope you enjoy it! πŸ˜€

Whether with coffee or champagne, CHEERS!


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